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Then, depending on your interests and needs, you could proceed to a technically and mathematically much deeper (but somewhat obsolete) Applied Cryptography: Protocols, Algorithms, and Source Code in C, Second Edition or to some other direction using the foundation laid down in this book and then getting other book(s) about hard-core mathematics of cryptography or about softer methods of social engineering and real-life security

I just got the book, skimmed over it and compared it with the 1st edition (Practical Cryptography)

It's a middle ground book and probably the one you should start with if you are interested in practical cryptography

6 in 1st edition: Equation Solving Attacks); I guess the attack/math did not turn out to work- the new addition to the team of the authors is a university professor and, as a result of that, the book has more of a textbook feel: exercises at the end of each chapter are added and the preface now contains example syllabi subchapter with three course proposals (6, 10 and 12 week) based on the book; it is also mentioned in the preface that the book is now more suited for a self-study- the chapter layout is exactly the same as in 1st edition but off by one since Our Design Philosophy from the 1st edition has been presented a bit later as a subchapter of another chapter- there are more references at the end (130 vs 97)- minor: the cover is more boring, it really looks and, with the denser text inside, feels like a textbook while the 1st edition looked more like an engineering/hacking bookThese are my very first quick and most likely incomplete and biased impressions, I might come back and update the review if I find anything significant

] ]) which also contains the links from the book so you don't have to type them yourself while investigating- the algorithms, protocols and formulas look the same but they might have minor tweaks, most of the stuff I looked up is the same as in the 1st edition- the 2nd edition has 60 pages less and that's because the line spacing is smaller (the text is more dense) and not because some material has been omitted (at least I could not find anything significant being removed)- one (really small) speculative mathematical subchapter has been removed (4

First of all, if you don't have the 1st edition, this is an excellent buy

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